Niti Manthan in collaboration with Charaiveti is starting with a Young Leaders for Legal Literacy (YL3) Programme.
Niti Manthan
Niti Manthan
YL3 is a novel initiative with the objective of percolating legal awareness in the society. This provides a platform for law students to become Legal leaders to spread legal literacy and truly act as catalysts of change, at and around their law schools. The preference shall be given to those students who come from law colleges situated in tier-II cities or townships.

About YL3

The outreach programmes have a specific evaluation rubrics which believes in continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the programmes. The progress of the Legal leaders will be monitored through the Leader-board through a specific portal wherein they have to upload relevant documentation, photos and videos for each programme. The application process involves a resume and Vision document which contains the details of plans that the student has to promote legal literacy in his/her vicinity. Selected legal leaders will have to conduct on-ground public engagement initiating outreach programmes on broad domains of law for a period of 4 months. It is expected that in this span of 4 months, atleast 5,000 persons would be reached through the program and socio-legal awareness would be spread.

Opportunity to Win

Top 5 Legal leaders which would be determined on the culmination of the 4 months tenure based on the parameters of evaluation of each outreach programme, and would be offered internship opportunities and cash prizes for the same.


Modus operandi of the YL3 Programme

The time is now for it to be okay to be great. For being a bright color. For standing out.

Tasks of a Legal Leader-

  • A Legal Leader would be required to conduct on-ground public engagement programmes to enhance legal literacy.
  • The period of engagement would be for 4 months ( July 2nd week-October 2nd week).
  • A Legal leader would be required to creatively utilise their resources to the optimal level in impacting the society at large.
  • Each Legal leader has to conduct a minimum of 20 outreach programmes. However, there is no bar on the number of outreach programmes that a Campus Ambassador can conduct within the 4 month tenure. Programmes conducted apart from the required mandate would stand a better position to feature as a part of Top 5 Legal leaders. However, the quality of programmes and impact generation would take prominence over the quantity of programmes conducted.
  • Every month a Progress Report has to be uploaded as to the status of achieving the vision by each Legal Leader as per the Vision document. Documentation forms an important part of the proof of conduct of such programmes. Necessary documents, pictures and videos have to be uploaded as per the requirement in a timely manner.

Important points to be noted-

  • Owing to the COVID-19 social distancing norms, we understand the difficulty in conduct of on-ground public engagement. As long as the restrictions are in place, virtual legal awareness outreach programmes can be conducted in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, videos on social media platforms etc. On -ground public engagement programmes with a minimum presence of 10 members can be conducted while the restrictions are in place. Further information regarding the same will be communicated to the selected Legal leaders.
  • 5 outreach programmes have to be mandatorily be carried out in semi-urban/ rural areas and parts of the society where the need for legal literacy is felt.
  • Relevant permissions for conduct of outreach programmes in certain locations depending upon the location) if necessary has to be obtained. A week prior letterhead The Niti Manthan team bears no responsibility whatsoever for conduct of programmes without necessary permissions. A Code of Conduct undertaking has to be signed by the student prior to the commencement of the Campus Ambassador programme that in the event of conduct of programmes without requisite permissions, the student leader alone bears complete responsibility for the same.
  • Any standalone video, social media post (irrespective of the attention it receives) etc. would not count as an outreach programme. It is critical to engage with the public and masses as a part of this programme. Videos, social media posts etc. could be supplementary means to enhance the efficacy of your public outreach programmes.(Ex: By a Facebook post, you can invite people to join you for a outreach programme you are conducting on a particular date). This is applicable after relaxation of social distancing norms to counter Covid-19.

Student requirements -

Law students pursuing any year of study(3 year/5 year programmes) who are interested in on-ground engagement with the public to help percolate legal awareness

Application process -

  • The students who are interest for applying to be a part of Young leaders for Legal literacy programme (YLGG) would have to attach their resume and a Vision document. This Vision document (not exceeding 1000 words) must contain the details of plans that the student has to promote legal literacy in his/her vicinity. The Vision document forms an important component of evaluation for selecting the Legal leaders.
  • Please note, that in case of multiple applications from a single institution, your application would be evaluated against other applicants from your institution. Out of the pool of applications, we would be selecting 32 Legal Leaders representing law schools across India.
  • The Vision document would not only be a part of the application process but a crucial component of the subsequent evaluation process of the outreach programmes. The plans stated in the Vision document would be evaluated against each outreach programme conducted by the student. Kindly ensure that you have a clear plan of action and please do mention the skills, resources, potential outreach programme locations and any other details you deem necessary as a part of your Vision document.

Benefits of being a part of Young Leaders for Legal Literacy (YL3) programme -

  • Legal leaders get a hands-on experience in sharing knowledge and spreading legal literacy and truly act as catalysts of change by contributing their bit to legally literate India
  • Networking opportunities with Legal leaders from other Law colleges who are like-minded passionate individuals who strive for the cause of legal literacy
  • Students get exposed to on-ground realities of the problems faced by the general public at large which helps them in developing social consciousness and a sensitive approach in understanding the interface between law and society.
  • Legal leaders can hone their skills of coordination, public speaking, team building, conceptualisation and execution which are critical skills needed for any law student
  • Legal literacy programmes largely fall under the ambit of social work. Undertaking such programmes and initiatives look impressive on L.L.M applications as Universities are looking for compassionate, socially conscious individuals apart from academic credentials.
  • All Legal leaders will be presented with a certificate certifying their contribution to the program.
  • Top 5 Legal leaders which would be determined on the culmination of the 4 months tenure based on the parameters of evaluation of each outreach programme, would be felicitated with cash prize, a letter of recommendation and will be offered opportunities to intern at Chambers of Senior Advocates in Delhi.
  • The students who aid the leader to the conduct of such programmes – the Co-leaders (students from legal aid societies, volunteers who help in organising such programmes who belong to other educational backgrounds, etc.) will also receive a certificate from Niti Manthan certifying their contribution.

Outreach programme evaluation rubrics -

The outreach programmes conducted would be evaluated on the following parameters.

  • Choice of location for the conduct of the outreach programme
  • Choice of relevant audience for the legal content
  • The ingenuity and creativity in conceptualisation of the programme (Ex: Conducting a skit, making short movie, mime, street theatre, etc.)
  • Documentation in the forms of reports, pictures and videos of the events and seeking atleast 3 testimonials from the attendees on the kind of impact the programme has generated
  • The pictures of each outreach programme along with a brief write-up on the programme has to be uploaded on either Facebook/Instagram tagging Niti Manthan and the portal which would be created specifically for Legal Leaders to check their progress and of their peers
  • Outreach programme conducted in furtherance of the plan of action laid out in the Vision document
  • Participation in weekly meetings and constructive suggestions made would also be used as a parameter in determining top 5 Legal Leaders.

A theme-based approach to Legal awareness programmes

Legal literacy is too broad a topic for the students to narrow it down while conducting programmes. Under the broad themes which would be chosen by us, students are free to choose the sub-theme and topics of the programmes. This is to maintain uniformity in the kind of topics dealt with these outreach programmes. The theme reflected in the vision document should be a guiding document for the young leaders.

Reserving the right to use content created by Legal leaders

All the content created by Legal leaders will be operated as per copyright policy of Niti Manthan.

Quality control on Legal literacy outreach programmes -

The Niti Manthan team would be supplying the content to the Legal leaders for the conduct of the programmes. Students are welcome to use additional content to enhance the efficacy of the outreach programmes. The manner in which this content has been conceptualised by the Campus Ambassador (Ex: A short video, a comic strip, animation etc.) would be subject to quality control by the Niti Mantham team. Any programme conducted without prior intimation and quality control by Niti Manthan would not be considered a legal literacy outreach programme as per the YL3 programme.